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Bolle Chopper Yellow Lens Shooting Glasses

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Eye protection is the only prerequisite for playing airsoft - it is absolutely essential and is the only base requirement to participate. No site will allow you to play unless you have some form of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) for your eyes. You can get goggles and glasses in different configurations, in various shapes and sizes and to varying degrees of protection. The most important thing is that you get something that fits your head snugly, offers sufficient protection and that you're comfortable. Beyond that it's simply about choosing lens type (solid lens or mesh). Some people prefer mesh eye protection due to the fact it cannot fog/mist up, whereas others prefer the solid lens because there is no visual obstruction and light passes through much easier.

The Bolle Chopper series are renowned for their wrap-around design that sits closely to face, offering superior comfort and fantastic protection. These particular glasses are the yellow-tint version which help to brighten up your surroundings. Included with these glasses is a basic strap as well as a handy microfibre pouch. These glasses are best suited for target shooting or experienced gamers. As these only protect your eyes it is advised that you wear them in conjunction with a lower mesh mask for improved protection!

Lens Type: Polycarbonate/Solid, Colour: Yellow Tint, Strap/Stems: Stems (strap included), Suitable for: Target Shooting, Experienced Gamers.