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The Colt 1911 MK IV is a full metal Co2 powered airsoft pistol from WE is an interesting model - based on the Hi-capa design, this still has the more attractive Colt grips, as opposed to the solid 1-piece tactical grip.

Manufactured by WE under license from Cybergun, this features authorised trademarks (including the iconic Colt horse). Off-black in colour, there is a beautiful two-tone look with the hammer, trigger & barrel silver whilst the frame & slide are a charcoal grey. Powered by Co2, the magazine holds 1x Co2 cartridge and 19 BB's. Installation of the Co2 is a dream, and completely tool-less - no more allan keys! Simply remove the base plate, and use it to unscrew the retaining cap. Then drop in the Co2 caplet, and replace the screw - that's it!

As this is a more modern 1911 variant, it features an ambidextrous safety. This is frame-mounted and easy to actuate with your thumb. The safety disengages the trigger and blocks the slide from moving. 1911's are designed to be carried in what's called condition zero; round in the chamber, hammer cocked, and safety on. You also have the beaver-tail safety as well, preventing the gun from firing unless you're holding it. The main hammer spring housing is flat, creating a more comfortable grip angle.

The rear sight is adjustable, whereas the front is moulded as part of the slide. On the rear of the slide you have cocking serrations, making it far easier to move the slide, especially in gloved hands.

This pistol features an adjustable hop up, which does require partial disassembly of the gun. As this is a blowback gun you will have to disassemble for maintenance, and the process is the same. Remove the magazine and move the slide back to the first notch (semi-circle notch). Pop out the slide catch (push through from the right hand side), ad set it aside somewhere safe. This will allow the top receiver (slide) to come off so that you can oil/lube it up, or adjust your hop up. The hop up is found at the bottom of the barrel (the cog with the arrow); the further forward the arrow is the less backspin you have, whilst the further back causes more backspin. Having the hop up fully on can cause your gun to jam.

Power: <1 Joule, Gas Type: Co2, Fire Mode: Semi-Auto, Mag Capacity: 19rds, Blowback: Yes, Hop Up: Adjustable, Weight: 1kg, Length: 220mm, Fire Mode: Semi-Auto, Colour: Charcoal Grey