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Deerhunter Muflon Light Jakcet
Deerhunter Muflon Light Jakcet

Deerhunter Muflon Light Jakcet

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Stretchable in 2 directions.



    Registered quality zipper.


      Deer-Tex® Membrane - 5 Year Warranty

      Five-year warranty on manufacturing defects in the Deer-Tex® Membrane. In the event of claims: Return the product together with this product information label/hangtag and the receipt to your dealer.
      NB: The Deer-Tex® Membrane warranty only covers manufacturing defects.
      5-year warranty applies to the following products:

      • Smallville 2.G
      • Ram 2.G
      • Montana 2.G
      • Rusky 2.G
      • Recon
      • Almati
      • Cumbria
      • Global Hunter
      • Blizzard
      • Cumberland


      Deer-Tex® Performance Shell

      The Deer-Tex® Membrane has several qualities to offer to your garment. 100% windproof, 100% waterproof, 100% breathability. The membrane can be washed at 30 degrees without softner.
      Technical specifications: Water resistance is up to 10.000mm, Water Vapour permeability is up to 10.000g/m2/24h.



        Stretchable in 4 directions.


          Water Repellent

          Products impregnated with water repellent treatment are water- and dirt-resistant. Stains are easy to remove.
          Extremely heat-resistant and has a very smooth surface.