RC Camouflage 42 12G Cartridges

RC Camouflage 42 12G Cartridges

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Game Cartridges, 42 Grams

Camouflage line was born whit the specific intent fill the demand of many passionate hunters always searching for the best and is fruit of the passion and experience of RC’s quality technicians, who have been successful in creating a range of cartridges with rare ballistic performances, thanks to a precise and selected search of the best components available on the international market combined with the most modern technical equipment.

Great ballistic stability to the widest-ranging climate condition

The exclusive RC powder boats a great ballistic stability to the widest-ranging climate conditions, the plastic wad has a multi pressure-tight container, but the main strength of the new game line is the Super Selected Lead Shot-RC exclusively as well-bringing the technological excellence achieved in competitions cartridges’ performances to the hunting experience and practice.

The union of these extra-ordinary components allows a 15% increase of penetration and a 20% reduction of pattern’s dispersion than any standard hunting cartridges, assuring the maximum shooting comfort.

  • Calibre: 12G
  • Length: 70mm
  • Selected tempered lead
  • Crimp closure
  • Plastic tube

25 cartridges per box.

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Garvan Dolan
Rc camo

Best cartridge out there 🙌