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Red Mills Performa Care Balancer -

Red Mills 30% Performa Care Balancer

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A nutrient-rich balancer specifically formulated for the performance horse, with added RED MILLS Nutrition Care Package.

• Sustained performance and stamina
• Muscle function and post-exercise recovery
• Bone strength and integrity
• Lean muscle mass and topline
• Gastric and hindgut function
• Fibre digestion and nutrient absorption
• Coat condition and shine
• Immune function
• Hoof condition

• Market leading formulation
• Rich in essential micronutrients
• Source of quality protein and amino acids
• High in antioxidants vitamin E, C and selenium
• Added L-Carnitine, an important amino acid involved in muscle function and development
• Contains Acidbuf, a natural gastric acid buffer
• Contains added yeast, including the prebiotics, MOS and FOS *MOS and FOS description
• Contains elevated levels of biotin and associated nutrients, including zinc and copper
• Non-heating very low starch formulation
• Cereal grain free and nutrient availability
• Source of quality protein and essential amino acids
• Includes RED MILLS Pro Balance vitamin and mineral package

• As a sole feed for horses on a forage only diet
• Topping-up a low concentrate diet to meet
micronutrient requirements
• Horses requiring an elevated nutrient intake
• Horses requiring a low starch cereal grain free
or specialised feeding programme
• Supporting gastro-intestinal function
• Muscle and topline development
• Providing a calorie controlled diet eg easy-keepers
• Horses that travel and compete extensively
• Horses working in challenging climates
• Horses prone to laminitis, IRS
• Feeding during stressful periods and sales prep

Composition: (in descending order by weight): Soya bean meal (1), Soya bean extruded (1), Sunflower seed meal, Alfalfa meal, Mono-dicalcium phosphate, Cane molasses, Dried (sugar) beet pulp, Maerl 2.5% (2), Calcium carbonate, Magnesium oxide, Mannan-/fructo oligosaccharides 1% (3), Sodium chloride 1) produced from genetically modified soya beans (2) Acidbuf, (3) MicroFOS Ultra