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Red Mills Pro Fibre Race 13 Cubes 25kg

Red Mills Pro Fibre Race 13 Cubes 25kg

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Pro Fibre 13 Cubes is a new diet designed for racehorses in full work that need a lower starch diet. This high fibre racehorse cube combines oats with super fibres for sustained performance and includes Pro Balance vitamins and minerals for a consistent level of nutrition to meet the demands of training.

• Energy levels in a low starch format
• Controlled energy release
• Muscle function and post-exercise recovery
• Condition and top-line
• Bone strength and integrity
• Balanced temperament

• Low starch formulation
• Contains oats
• High in easily digestible fibres and oil
• Steamed cooked and double pelleted for
improved digestibility and nutrient availability
• Source of quality protein and essential amino acids
• Includes RED MILLS Pro Balance vitamin and
mineral package, rich in iron and copper
• Added antioxidants including vitamin E and selenium
• Contains electrolytes

• Racehorses in full training requiring a low
starch racing diet
• Horses requiring a low starch diet with an oat inclusion
• Horses in moderate to hard work
• Horses that are easily stressed or temperamental
• Horses that have a sensitive digestive system