Sako .270 Win Powerhead Barnes TSX 130gr Bullets red mills gun store kilkenny ireland
Sako .270 Win Powerhead Barnes TSX 130gr Bullets

Sako .270 Win Powerhead Barnes TSX 130gr Bullets

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Sako 270 Win Powerhead Barnes TSX 130gr

  • Expanding hunting bullet
  • Extremely high retention
  • Excellent penetration
  • All copper composition
  • Each bullet and case is inspected individually
  • Made from only the best components
  • Unrivalled accuracy and consistent performance
  • The primer ignition time remains constant
  • The powder charge is deviation is minimized

Sako .270 Win Powerhead Barnes TSX 130gr Bullets POWERHEAD

The Sako Powerhead (Barnes TSX®) is an expanding hunting bullet with extremely high weight retention and excellent penetration. Thanks to its traditional all-copper composition, it maintains weight retention of more than 99% upon impact leaving virtually no residues in the meat. Powerhead I is the perfect lead-free choice for short-distance big game hunting.


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