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Weisskirchen Fox/Predator Game Call

Weisskirchen Fox/Predator Game Call

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Fox barking call and fox flute as a set, instruments which
already had been used by our ancestors.

Produces a range of different sounds.

Fox Flute Call:
Imagine a vixen whining when in heat or when she is looking for a mate, this call is a little more delicate and crisper like a small bell. A human call hear this call at a short distance but a fox can hear it up to 800 metres away. Works best at the end of November through to March. But can be used all year round.

Fox Barking Call:
 By sucking in air at the narrow point you can imitate the sound of a barking male fox. For the vixen barking call you have to use the opposite end of the call.

By blowing short gek-gek-gek you can lure fox kits from may to August.