Nordik Crying Lamb Caller

Nordik Crying Lamb Caller

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The Nordik Crying Lamb is a game call that is easy to use, specially designed to imitate the sound of an injured or stressed lamb in a realistic way. This sound is very effective for calling predators that have specialized on killing sheep and goats.


Grasp the call with your right hand; cup your left hand over the sound chamber so that it closes tightly. Take a deep breath and just as you are about t start blowing,
let go of the sound chamber with your left hand and blow into the call. You need to create a small and short overpressure in the call to make the B in the Baaaaaa sound.
When you have practiced this for a while, you can try to make a vibrato during your exhalation for a more faithful sound. The volume is adjusted by how hard you blow into the call as well as with your left hand in front of the sound chamber. Practice and listen how hard it is possible for you to blow before the sound breaks, and adjust thereafter!

Planning a stand

  • Open fields: Call intensively for 15-20 seconds, be quiet for two to
  • three minutes and keep on calling in this way for 20-
  • 30 minutes each stand.
  • Smaller fields or forested areas: Call intensively for 15-20 seconds, be quiet for five to six minutes and keep on calling in this way for 15-20
  • minutes each stand.


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