Super Nano Gun Cleaner 150ml

Super Nano Gun Cleaner 150ml

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Next generation product based on nanotechnology

Super Nano GUN CLEANER the cleaning agent quickly and easily removes carbon, old grease, copper, lead, zinc. It does not contain ammonia, has no smell and toxic fumes, is not flammable, biodegradable. Safe to use indoors especially when toxic fumes are an issue. Meets all industry standards for small arms maintenance. It is harmless on metal, wood, paint, varnish, ceramics, rubber, plastic.

Area of use:Op rod, barrel hood, cam pin, open ejection port, slide rail groove, center rail, action spring and other movable parts.

  • Non-flammable.

  • Ammonia, alcohol, abrasive solids free.

  • Superior corrosion protection.

  • Harmless to the shooter.

  • Will for home not damage use. Steel, aluminum, chrome, nickel.

  • Suitable for all types of firearms and air/gaspowered weapons.

    Areosol: 150 ml